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Welcome to Stillife Wellbeing. My name is Jayne Taylor. I specialise in hands on treatments which are 'Massage, Facials, Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage'.

I am now offering DERMAROLLER SKIN REJUVINATION. This treatment is natural and not a cosmetic surgery proceedure. It is a facial using a dermaroller which is rolled over your face and 'makes' your own body produce new collagen and elastin naturally. The results are amazing to smooth skin lines and wrinkles, reduce scars and slow the aging process without surgery. It really does work.

I love what I do and really enjoy my work because the benefits of hands-on treatments not only feel wonderful to the face and body but they help transform the body's imbalances back to health. 

I am absolutely passionate about helping and treating Fibromyalgia and ME suffers. I fully understand what you go through after being involved with the Fibromyalgia Society in Canada for over 10 years. I hope you will visit and see the difference my services will make to your life and together we can get you back to the life you deserve.
Discounted Energie Fitness Membership or Free Trial. 4a Arnot Hill Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LJ. Telephone 0115 926 9600. 

Zoe-Club Manager at Energie Fitness in Arnold. 
I have had a few wonderful days at Energie Fitness doing massage and reflexology for their club members. Zoe and her staff are terrific. They are extremely personable and care about their members. I highly recommend this club for women wanting to keep fit and lose weight using their Easyline and Unique Motorise fitness circuits. Take advantage of their Guaranteed 6 week Empower fitness programme to get fit and lose weight.
IMATS LONDON 2012 with Nancy Crossly-Creator of Beauty so Clean

Girls, 'Beauty so Clean' is a cosmetic sanitizer 'MUST HAVE' in your cosmetic bag! Here I am with Nancy Crossley, the creator of 'Beauty So Clean' in London at the IMATS TRADE SHOW. After years of being an international celebrity make up artist, Nancy realised how unsanitary make up really is and all the bacteria it carries..YUK! DIRTY Make up causes eye infections and skin conditions because most of us NEVER clean our make up or brushes! If you saw your mascara, lipsticks and even powder eye shadows under a would throw it all in the bin...Visualize crawling bugs!!!! I use BSC 'Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist' on everything for my clients protection. It does not ruin your powder make up items such an blushes and eyeshadows.. You can even spray it on your false eyelashes to remove the glue and it disinfects them to re-use. The conditioning Brush Cleaner is terrific to keep your brushes clean, soft and disinfected in minutes. Wipes for lipsticks and I use it on my mascara wand....I even clean my hands with them! There is no product on the market today like Beauty So Clean and I highly recommend you all use it. You can order online from their website and have it shipped!
Best Wishes for Beauty Health and Wellness for 2012...Jayne xx
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